Corporate law, M&A

We regularly advise to numerous clients on the establishment of Hungarian companies to find the most suitable corporate form that is in compliance with their business goals. Our legal services include the drafting of complex shareholder agreements, creating corporate charter and providing ongoing corporate advice.

Acting as lead counsel of an international corporation in relation to the establishment of a Hungarian affiliate specialises in the manufacture of plastic products.

By the request of a company group operating in several sectors of the Hungarian economy, we have structured its operation as recognized group of companies with special regards to financial and taxation matters. 

Advice to several corporations on the matters of liability of management, supervisory board and shareholders also designing and implementing of legal guarantees for the protection of the investors.

We regularly perform due diligence and legal audit in the context of corporate mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations or purchase of assets aiming to determine whether the operation of our client or a subject company meets the legal requirements of the related business sector and also to measure the risks arising therefrom.

Acting as lead counsel to our business consulting partner as receiver on performing the termination of a branch of an international enterprise in winding-up proceeding.

Taxation, Customs, Environmental Product Fee

Most of our clients operating in the field of international commerce purchase products from third countries (usually from the US, China, Thailand, India) which customs clearance is proceeded in the territory of the European Community (regularly in Hamburg) and afterwards being sold in Hungary as products released to free circulation. We regularly advise on structuring of such transactions and provide VAT-related supervision of chain-transactions. We form our legal standpoint by leaning on the expertise of our partner auditor company to provide our reviews on a firm basis in compliance with accountancy rules.

Advice on the reporting obligations and payment of environmental product tax in relation with international transactions. We have advised to several corporations before M&A or acquisition of assets highly focusing on tax related aspects of such transactions.

Due diligence and advice on termination of business activity of an enterprise before the commence of winding-up or liquidation proceeding to measure its risks of incompliance with the laws including the supervision from accountancy and taxation aspects to design the appropriate risk management.  

Real Property

In long term engagement we have provided advice and legal representation on all matters for the subsidiaries of an international company group having significant market share in the construction and real property development segment in Hungary focusing on both industrial and residential real estate projects from the complex advisory on building proceedings to the structure of sales with special regards to tax efficiency. We have also administered the legal matters of the possessed office buildings (our client has already terminated its Hungarian activity).

Representing an embassy on the establishment of a cultural centre from the conclusion of the lease agreement for the premises located in an office building until the finalizing of the special constructions.

Labour Law, Employment

Our labour law services include drafting employment contracts with special regards to executive employees and management, employment law audits and due diligence reviews.

Ongoing employment advice to a Hungarian branch factory and acting as lead counsel we have structured the legal background for wage related to performance concerning physical employees working in more and continuous shifts. We have designed and co-operated in the implementation of special regulations concerning office and executive employees. We have developed the main operational principles of each department with special regards to the requirements of liability and flow of information and company hierarchy rules.   

Acting as counsel for a leading telecom company we have provided education course for the HR department concerning the practical matters of the employment in continuous shifts.

Acting as counsel we regularly provide legal advices on establishment of incentive systems to enhance the effectiveness of labour force and also in the matters of allowances, social and fringe benefits (such as company car, medical insurance, pension schemes etc.) and system of cafeteria.

Advice to numerous foreign investors, local subsidiaries and representative offices on delegated employment of foreign persons (EU and non-EU citizens). By our review that provides a clear view on the domestic regulations and client related international agreements, our clients can realize the most effective employment structure possible.

Advising and representing foreign investors and its delegated persons in work permit and immigration (visa, residence and settlement permit) proceedings.


Ongoing advice and legal representation for a subsidiary of a multinational company in the production sector. We have developed an effective protection system against default in performance of suppliers. We represent our client in the course of the conclusion of agreements and in administrative or licensing proceedings. With regards to the fact that we are in close contact with several departments of our client partner, our firm is deeply aware of its business activity and so we can provide prompt and effective answers for any kind of problem and arising tasks.

Advising to numerous Hungarian and foreign corporation on the structure of international sales transactions. Based on our wide range of expertise in the field of commerce, we are able to provide effective solutions to our clients to achieve competitive edge.

Advice to numerous clients in the context of electronic commerce. We provide a review on the laws of the relevant market and tailor-made solutions for the most effective way of commencing of business activity via Internet. Upon the design is made, we develop the structure of sales, and draft the related documentation with special regards to the consumer protection aspects of general terms and conditions.


Acting as lead counsel we advised to several companies on advertising and supervised numerous promotional strategies including the aspects of caritative donation.

Representing a manufacturing company in litigation for correction of press release published in a nationwide newspaper stating that the factory violates the requirements of work protection.

Finance, Banking and Capital Market

Ongoing advice and representation of a company group providing investment services. Besides the general advising and drafting of contracting systems we have co-operated in the development of the attributes of their products.

Acting as lead counsel of an independent insurance intermediary company we have developed a contracting structure related to multi-level marketing sales to provide appropriate guarantees for commission related matters, and to ensure intensive client relationship management.

Acting as lead counsel of a market leader gold investment firm we have co-operated in the structuring of special instruments for international service provision made for private persons and business entities and have designed the related master agreement with special regards to EU tax related matters.

We regularly advise on structuring of issue of convertible bonds and bonds with subscription rights, furthermore we frequently represent our clients in general issuing of stock and bonds.

Acting as lead counsel of real estate development firms we co-operate in several acquisition of assets in the event that the circumstances of the specific project requires.

Competition and Consumer Protection

Advice to numerous enterprises on comparative advertisements and counter actions against the activities of the competitor.

We regularly design general terms of agreements for the sales concept of our client and supervise contracting structures including general contract conditions that differ substantially from the usual terms applied in consumer related transactions.

IP Law, IT Law, Data Protection

We have represented several corporations in litigations concerning the protection of intellectual property, infringements of copyrights and trademarks. We have proceeded in several trademark licensing and registration matters.

Advice to a multinational company in the field of R&D on the contracting structure and legal settlement of rights arising from inventions of employee with special regards to the general conditions applied in other EU countries.

Advice to numerous clients on the protection of know-how and drafting tailor-made non-competition clauses and non-disclosure agreements.

Acting as lead counsel of a domestic software development company we have designed the contracting system applied to the relationship with software developers as sub-contractors and drafted the general terms of user license agreements.

We have pursued several legal audits focusing on data protection and concluded that the concerning laws are not interpreted and applied properly.

Business crime

Acting for a company providing investment services on preliminary revision of their new instruments and sales strategy developed by good faith, we have concluded that their conception is against the laws and prevented the management from the commission of capital investment fraud.

Revision of a complex economic transaction often leads to a conclusion that the strategy or concept intended to be pursued is not in accordance with the effective laws and the realization would lead to commission of a business crime.