Professional Practice

We provide top quality legal services in various legal fields. With regards to the fact that our clients are enterprises across the full business spectrum, our expertise and experience cover the knowledge and the way of proper interpretation of the relevant governing regulations.

The Dr. Fehér Attila Attorneys At Law operates as a full-service law firm focusing on business related matters. We have developed particularly strong expertise especially in the following areas of practice.

Corporate Law / M & A

  • Establishment of companies, subsidiaries and branches, registration of funds
  • Consultation in relation to corporate states and representation
  • Structuring of company groups (recognized and de facto group of companies)
  • Structuring and reorganization of operation and business
  • Due diligence, legal audit
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Insolvency related matters (bankruptcy and liquidation)
  • Carrying out voluntary dissolution (winding-up proceeding)
  • Legal representation in licensing proceedings

Taxation, Customs, Environmental fee

  • Advice on taxation, customs and environmental fee related matters
  • Structuring of legal transactions from taxation and customs law aspects
  • Charity donation from taxation law aspects
  • Legal representation before the National Tax and Customs Administration and in other administrative proceedings, judicial review of an administrative decision

Labor Law, Employment

  • Employment contract, agreements pertaining to work-related legal relationship
  • Employment related tax issues, remuneration and social security
  • Structuring of operation, forming of commission systems and performance related payment structures, tariff agreements
  • Inner restructuring, mass redundancies
  • Management contracts and management related regulations
  • Matters of trade union and worker's council
  • Education of employees
  • Work permit, visa and residence permit matters for EU and non-EU citizens
  • Legal representation in labor law related matters


  • Structuring of legal transactions, drafting and revision of general terms and conditions
  • Development and revision of sales structures
  • Sales and purchase contracts and other commercial agreements, franchise
  • E-Commerce
  • Transportation (Carriage of freight, freight forwarding)
  • Insurance, risk management
  • Factoring, assignment and assumption of dept
  • Product liability, warranty, guarantee
  • Legal consequences of non-performance, domestic and international legal enforcement
  • Legal compliance for EU law
  • Legal representation under the conclusion and the performance of transactions

Real Property

  • investment planning and management of transactions
  • real property development, investments
  • real property financing and refinancing
  • legal due diligence, revision of assets
  • management, utilization and leasing of real property
  • legal representation in construction proceedings

Finance and Banking

  • Securities and other financial instruments
  • Transactions, issuing of securities, output of stocks and bonds
  • Financing, refinancing
  • Obtaining permits and authorizations, representation before the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority

Competition and Consumer Protection

  • Development and revision of contractual background and business practice
  • Abuse of power
  • Legal assistance in relation to the activities of the competitors and the recommended counter actions against them
  • Legal representation before Hungarian Competition Authority

Intellectual Property, IT Law, Data Protection

  • Legal aspects of the protection of intellectual property rights
  • Intellectual property utilization related agreements
  • Patent and trademark licensing, rights related to invention of employees
  • Franchise system
  • IT related agreements (contracts of software development and license agreements)
  • Development and supervision of operational structures from the view of data protection
  • Legal representation before the Hungarian Intellectual Property office


  • Legal and ethical overview of proposed marketing and promotional strategies
  • Advice on advertising and promotional structures
  • Caritative donation
  • Request for correction of press releases
  • Legal representation before the Hungarian Competition Authority and the organs of the National Media And Infocommunications Authority

Litigation and Legal Representation

  • Representation for settling a legal dispute in a peaceful manner
  • Legal representation in litigious and non-litigious proceedings also in arbitration
  • Legal representation in administrative proceedings
  • Judicial review of administrative decisions
  • Legal representation of creditor or debtor under bankruptcy and liquidation, domestic and international executory proceedings, submission of European payment warrant

Business Crime

  • Preliminary risk analysis of legal transactions
  • Rules of liability concerning the management and the owners
  • Legal compliance with money laundering prevention laws
  • Legal due diligence with special regards to the provisions of liability
  • Representation in criminal proceedings in relation to business crime
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